Energy Efficiency

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We can provide ESCO Financing and Energy Service Project Finance. This includes lease and debt finance. It also includes off balance sheet ESCO financing. We can provide innovative financing solution for building upgrades and energy efficiency retrofit projects at commercial and industrial facilities. Through the Efficiency Services Agreement, all upfront and ongoing project costs are financed. The customer’s service payments are based on realized energy savings and efficiency performance.

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Vireo Energy was formed by a highly qualified group of professionals with extensive experience in the fields of private equity, real estate and renewable energy. We will individually structure a finance model that will take maximum advantage of federal tax benefits, rebate incentives, as well as assist in lowering product and installation costs for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

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With increased competition and recent technological advances, the correct combination of renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements can lead to energy savings of 50%+ on most buildings. These savings can be paid for in most cases, in less than 3 years! In addition, there are significant federal, state and local incentive programs encouraging the adoption of solar power and the installation of solar energy generating projects. The incentives are primarily provided through tax credits or other tax based means.


Lease 5-20 year, Debt Finance, ESCO Project Finance (off balance sheet)