Qualifying Improvements - Improvements eligible for PACE Financing

All of the products/projects listed below can qualify for PACE finance on an existing building retrofit and in many cases the construction of new buildings. PACE finance can include both soft (design, engineering, development) and hard (product and supporting equipment/hardware) costs.

Renewable & Clean Energy Examples

Advanced Energy Storage Systems, Cogen/CHP & Fuel Cell Systems, Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Small Wind Turbines, Solar Systems- Inverters & Panels, Seismic Safety Retrofits

Energy Efficiency Examples

EMS ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (EMS) – Elevator Modernization, Industrial Manufacturing Equipment, Motors, Controls

HVAC SYSTEMS – Air Barriers, Air Filtration, Air Handlers, Air Sealing, Air-Source Heat Pump, Attic Fan, High Efficiency Boiler, Ceiling Fan, High Efficiency Central Air Conditioner, Chillers, Demand Re-circulation Pump, Duct Insulation, Duct Replacement, Duct Sealing, Ductless Mini-Split, Evaporative Cooler, High Efficiency Furnace, Garage CO Controls (Ventilation), Geothermal Heat Pump, Heat Recovery Ventilation System, Heating & AC Package Unit, Pellet Stove or Insert, Programmable Heating/Cooling Controls, High Efficiency Rooftop AC Units, Ventilating Fans, Waste/Water Heat Recovery, Whole Building Fan, Variable Frequency Drives

BUILDING ENVELOPE – Air Sealing, Applied Window Films, Attic/Roof Insulation, Cool/White/Green Roof, Reflective Roof, Doors, Dynamic Window Systems, Exterior Coating, Exterior Shade Products, Floor Insulation, Foam Insulation (attic, roof), Insulated Siding. Radiant Barrier, Wall Insulation, Windows

LIGHTING – Daylight Harvesting Controls, Indoor Lighting Fixtures, Occupancy Sensors, Outdoor Lighting Fixtures, Skylights and Tubular Day-lighting,

REFRIGERATION – Insulation, Defrost Controls, Evaporator Fan Controls, Efficient Compressors/Condensers

COMPRESSED AIR – Air Compressors, Compressed Air Storage, Compressor Controls, Water Efficiency & Heating Examples, Low Flow Bathroom Fixtures, High Efficiency Toilets, Water Delivery Systems & Pumps, Solar Water Heating, Electric Heat Pump Water, Heater/Tank, Gas Storage Tank Water Heater, Gas Tankless Water Heater, Hot Water Tank Insulation, Pipe Insulation (hot water), Waterless Urinals, Dishwashers, Commercial Clothes Washer/Dryer

LANDSCAPING – Artificial Turf, Drip Irrigation & Rotating Sprinklers, Drought Tolerant Landscaping (Retrofit), Greywater Systems, Irrigation System & Controls, Permeable Ground Cover, Rainwater Catchment Systems, Soil Moisture Sensors, Weather-Based Irrigation Control System

POOL EQUIPMENT – Automatic Pool Covers, Electric Heat Pump Pool Heater/Tank, Gas Pool Heater, Solar Pool Heating, Water Pump and Motor